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Interested In Being a Franchisee? Learn More, Join Our Webinar!

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Are you interested in running a positive and ethical business you can be proud of? Looking to expand your horizons and take control of your success? Vootu has recently announced the approval of being a franchise in the United States. Vootu is an energy saving company. Vootu’s innovative energy reduction technology is the competitive advantage that every successful business needs. As a franchisee, any organization that pays a power bill is a potential client! Cities, condos, restaurants, dealerships, warehouses, gyms, shops, etc. the leads are endless! The solution Vootu provides is lowering any location’s energy costs up to 40%, without a financial burden. It is an attractive beneficial service that makes sense to anyone. Who doesn’t want an indefinite lower energy bill?

Vootu has helped hundreds of businesses reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, now the new goal is to expand this excellent service nationwide. Vootu is seeking motivated individuals who have an entrepreneur passion by following a proven method for success. This franchise is unique compared to over-saturated, typical franchises. This business provides to an un-tapped market with little competition. Everything regarding the products/technology and the science behind energy conservation is trainable. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, Vootu’s webinars are hosted by Dave, the CEO, bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 4pm. This is an excellent way to learn more about the value of becoming a Vootu franchisee. If you have any interest, you do not want to miss this!

To register for a webinar, please click the link below:

Click Here To Register for Vootu’s Webinar!


If you have any further questions, please E-Mail us at or call the office at 727.314.8656.


New business opportunity! Become a vootu franchisee!

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Vootu has led the way in the energy savings industry, by being ahead of the competition with intellectual property, high quality products, and the knowledge required to produce great results in energy savings. Vootu’s core is the energy savings process, which has been broken down into a three steps: Control. Reduce. Eliminate. This process is always followed, yet customized for every client because every business’s location uses energy differently. The solutions implemented are guaranteed to reduce energy usage & their ongoing utility bill, creating a no-risk, transparent, and ethical business service.

Are you interested in being your own boss? Always wanted to have your own business? Vootu has the business opportunity that you need! Vootu’s franchise model is different from the typical franchise relationship. Many franchises have up to 30-year contracts, hefty royalty fees, and require a substantial amount of equity. Vootu’s franchisees have the ability to reach an ongoing 0% royalty fee!

Potential clients are all around us, any location that has an energy bill can benefit by working with vootu. The prospects are endless! If you’ve always wanted to run a successful business in a fast-growing industry, vootu is your perfect match. Have no experience with green technology or energy sustainability? Don’t worry! Vootu is fully prepared to thoroughly train all franchisees, and equip them with the knowledge and materials required to replicate this successful business service. Any vootu location will have the skills and tools needed to reduce a business’s energy bill, which will inspire new business relationships and increase profits. All products implemented by vootu are created by vootu. There are no outside manufacturers or third-party products. Saving energy is a science, developing energy saving technology is difficult, but becoming a vootu franchise is easy. As a vootu franchise owner, your business would be helping your clients and protecting the environment, a positive and ethical service.

If you’re interested in learning more about this business opportunity, download our FREE E-Book and give us a call at 727.314.8656!

Energy Saving Franchise

Expand your business with vootu and increase your profits!

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Do you already run an existing service business? Are you a Plumber, Electrician, HVAC Supplier, Refrigeration Specialist, offer LED Lighting, etc.? If so, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Vootu has created a complementary franchise model that simply expands upon your current business. The electricity trade field can greatly benefit by adopting vootu into their existing business. The number one reason being, you can generate more profits! Vootu has developed cutting-edge technology that transitions clients to be energy efficient, resulting in reduced ongoing energy bills. You would be saving your clients a lot of money, and saving money always makes people happy! This is an attractive offer that all of your business’s clients would be interested in. Vootu, the energy savings group, has solutions for reducing energy intakes for all the main energy hogs. The main energy hogs are: lighting, refrigeration, motor controls and HVAC. Our devices improve the efficiency of existing appliances, no need for them to buy new technologies! Vootu is prepared to fully train the right individuals on how the products work, and pass on the skills needed to generate energy reduction results for your clients. This business opportunity is extremely beneficial for any company that is part of the electric technologies niche. By becoming a complementary vootu energy saving franchise, you would be providing your clients with an excellent service that saves them money, boosting your company’s reputation, expanding your offered services, and helping the environment. There is no down-side! This business relationship is very unique compared to typical franchise models. Any past, current or future client of yours can benefit from you becoming a vootu energy saving franchisee. If you’re interested in more information, download our E-Book and give us a call at 727.314.8656!