Expand your business with vootu and increase your profits!

Do you already run an existing service business? Are you a Plumber, Electrician, HVAC Supplier, Refrigeration Specialist, offer LED Lighting, etc.? If so, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Vootu has created a complementary franchise model that simply expands upon your current business.

The electricity trade can greatly benefit by adopting vootu into their existing business. The number one reason being, you can generate more profits! Vootu has developed cutting-edge technology that transitions clients to be energy efficient, resulting in reduced ongoing energy bills. You would be saving your clients a lot of money, and saving money always makes people happy! This is an attractive offer that all of your business’s clients would be interested in.

Vootu, the energy savings group, has solutions for reducing energy of all the main energy hogs:

  • lighting
  • refrigeration
  • motor controls
  • HVAC

Our devices improve the efficiency of existing appliances, no need for them to buy new technologies! Vootu is prepared to fully train the right individuals on how the products work, and pass on the skills needed to generate energy reduction results for your clients. This business opportunity is extremely beneficial for any company that is part of the electric technologies niche.

By becoming a complementary vootu energy saving franchise, you would be providing your clients with an excellent service that saves them money, boosting your company’s reputation, expanding your offered services, and helping the environment. There is no down-side! This business relationship is very unique compared to typical franchise models. Any past, current or future client of yours can benefit from you becoming a vootu energy saving franchisee. If you’re interested in more information, download our E-Book and give us a call at 727.314.8656!